Write a wrap-up of your thoughts today versus eight weeks ago

You started this course by answering a survey worksheet asking for your thoughts on various technologies and providing a breakdown of your overall thoughts on surveillance, the internet, GPS, etc. Since that time, you have completed many different assignments, and discussions. You have delved into your own mobile activities, your uniqueness online, your personal information’s availability online, and many discussions. You have even argued for or against the idea of a surveillance state.
Now, you are being asked to do a second personal reflection. You are to write a 4-6 page wrap-up of your thoughts today versus eight weeks ago. Be truthful with yourself and be truthful in your writing. Below are just a few questions you are going to want to make sure you address in your wrap-up. Refer back to your initial worksheet before beginning and specifically address the following:
What privacy concerns do you have now that you did not have eight weeks ago?
What changes have you made or are you making to your daily activities going forward?
What is your comfort level with your continued use of technology? I.e. are you altering your social media presence or lessening the time spent on your mobile devices?
Finally, do you feel that current laws are sufficient, overly strict, or too loose with regards to protecting your digital self?

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