William Nelson Cromwell

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William Nelson Cromwell was a champion for developing the Panama Canal by the United States, Sullivan & Cromwell law firm’s co-founder, and a distinguished corporate lawyer. Cromwell reserved a deep interest in improving and welfare of legal education and the legal profession throughout his life.

John Foster Dulles was an American lawyer, diplomat, Republican Party, and politician. Under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, he served as American secretary of state from 1953 to 1959 before briefly serving as the United States Senator for New York. During the early Cold War era, Dulles was also a prominent figure and advocated for a worldwide aggressive position against communism.

Allen Welch Dulles was the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and remained its longest-serving director. As head of the CIA during the early Cold War era, Dulles oversaw the Guatemalan coup, the Iranian coup, the project MKUtra mind control program, and the Lockheed U-2 aircraft program. Dulles led the CIA as the Cold War dominated defense concerns and foreign policy.

Arthur Hobson Dean was a New York City diplomat and lawyer regarded among the leading corporate lawyers of his time. He served as a crucial advisor to many United States presidents. Dean served as a Coast Guard instructor in piloting and navigation during World War II.

Robert MacCrate was an American lawyer who served as New York Governor Nelson D. Rockefeller’s counsel and a special counsel to the Army department for its investigations into the My Lai Massacre. Before graduating from Harvard Law School, MacCrate served during the Second World War with the United States Navy in the Pacific.

Dean Acheson was an American lawyer and statesman. He served as the 51st United States Secretary of State and is renowned for setting Harry S. Truman’s foreign policy, becoming his leading policy advisor. During the Cold War following the Second World War, Acheson became the U.S. foreign policy’s principal creator and assisted in establishing the Western Alliance to oppose the Soviet Union and other communist countries.

George F. Kennan was an American historian and diplomat. During the Cold War, he was renowned as an advocate of the policy to contain the Soviet expansion. He wrote scholarly histories and lectured widely about the United States and USSR relationship.

John J. McCloy was an American Diplomat, lawyer, presidential advisor, and banker. During the Second World War, McCloy served as an Assistant War Secretary under Henry Stimson, assisting in dealing with various issues such as North Africa Campaign’s political tensions, German sabotage, and opposition against the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.

Charles Bohlen was an American ambassador, diplomat, and expert on the Soviet Union. During the Cold War and the Second World War, he played an essential role in shaping the United States’ foreign policy and helped in developing the Marshall Plan for rebuilding Europe.

William Averell Harriman was an American businessman, Democratic politician, and diplomat. He served under President Harry S. Truman as a Secretary of Commerce and later as the 48th New York Governor. As a statesman, he was a leading United States diplomat concerning the Soviet Union during the Second World War and the following Cold War.

Robert A. Lovett served as the 4th U.S. Defense Secretary after his promotion from Deputy Secretary of Defense. Between 1951 and 1953, Lovett served in President Harry S. Truman’s cabinet, directing the Korean War in this capacity. He was a fundamental member of the group of foreign policy elders, popularly known as “The Wise Men,” and was regarded as an architect of the Cold War by social scientists.

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