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“Topics in criminal justice (agency’s) administration & management”
(You can pick other topics beyond this list, but need the instructor’s approval)
Police Issues:
● 1. Control of Police Brutality
● 2 Minority Officers in Police Force
● 3. Control and Reduction of Racial Profiling
● 4. Police and Code of Silence
● 5. Police and Stress
● 6. Police and the Mentally Ill
● 7. Impact of Social Media & Policing (Recruitment, Police morale, Ferguson Effect & George Floyd Protests)

●Court Issues–
● 8. Find your own topic and seek instructor’s approval..
Prison issues–
● 9. Control of Contrabands in Prisons
● 10. Controlling and Managing of Gangs in Prison
● 11. Managing Prison Overcrowding (need current research/policies)
● 12. Dealing with Prison Brutality
● 13. Managing Prison Violence
● 14. Drugs in Prison (smuggling/abuse). (Do not write issues on drug treatment
● programs)
● 15. Control of AIDS & Sexual Violence in Prisons

●Paper Outline
●(Use this as the template for your Paper Outline)
● (Term Paper must include the following sections)
●I. Title of the Paper:
●II. Abstract :
●III. Introduction:
●IV. Main body :
● Issues
● A.
● B.
● C….
●V. Discussion and Conclusion:
●VI. References:
●II. Abstract :
●A. Summarize in less than 5 sentences in a
● paragraph to include the major issues discussed
● in your paper. Do not discuss or elaborate on
● your paper. Just tell the readers the key issues in
● this paper.
●B. Single-spaced (for Abstract only. This term paper
● is double-spaced.)

●C. Please follow this format:
●This paper discusses … Issues such as _,_ and , _ will be discussed. This paper concludes that…..
**DON’T USE this: “ The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader……”
●Bad Abstract
●I would like to talk about the topic of prison gang (This paper is to inform the reader about prison gang). As you know prison gang is becoming serious lately. I also like to talk about how gang is formed and operated. In the end I will touch on the supervision of gang control. I hope you will find the important information in this paper.
●Good Abstract
●Gang violence poses a great threat to supervision and security in the prison system. This paper examines the salient issues of prison gangs, such as stabbing, sexual assault, and drug smuggling. Other issues on contract killing and riot-staging will also be addressed. This paper concludes with the recent studies and strategies about gang control.
●III. Introduction: state the issues and get readers interested.

●Include the following issues:
●A. How serious is the problem (drug, gang, corruption…)?
● Cite recent news, stories, statistics, facts…
●B. Why needs attention?
●C. What other issues will be discussed?
●IV. Main body :
Elaborate and discuss the main issues with *headings.
●A. ____:
●B. ____:
●C. ____:
●D. ____:
E. Programs and Policies:
● Discuss how to deal with/manage/control the issues
● of your topic. Cite 3 or more research & studies with in-text citations,
● and not your personal views or comments.
●1. Cite evidence (Studies, research, past and current programs/policies)
● and not personal comments/opinions. No “I” or “you”, & use 3rd
● person writing.
●2. Do not use/abuse direct quotations unless absolutely necessary.
● Please summarize or paraphrase the main ideas/concepts in your own words.
●3. Need at least 5 refereed journal articles. Non-academic online sources
● are not acceptable.

●V. Discussion and Conclusion:
● A. Recap the major issues and argument of the paper.
● B. Provide personal opinions and views.

●VI. References
●Give detail information on the sources you cited.
● *All in-text citations should be included here & vise versa.
● *Need at least 5 refereed journal articles with complete
● publisher’s information, including author (s), year,
● title, volume, issue and page number. E.g.,
Kantor, E. (2006). HIV Transmission and Preventions in Prison: HIV Incite
Knowledge Base Chapter, Prison Quarterly, 23, 55-78.
●***Use articles from professional criminal justice journals. For example. Justice Quarterly, Crime And Delinquency and many other academic journals.
Grading criteria
●A. Follow the required formats and sections;
●B. Cite the sources;
●C. Give headings
●D. Contents: Organization; logical arguments;
● creativity; and new information, balanced
● views
●E. References; library research;
●F. Pages: 7-10 pages in main content; No need for
● a cover page. Put paper Title, Abstract and
● Introduction on the same first page (please see
● Sample Paper).
●Grading Rubric
●Relevance— Issues related to administration or management
● of the criminal justice system.
●Critical thinking — Thought-provoking & new perspective, Organization —Follow a logic order and smooth transition
●Current information —Dated sources, arguments based on
● research, good examples, interesting.
●Proper format & citation — Follow the required format,
● in-text citation, & reference, APA style.
Grading Rubric

Swamped with your writing assignments? Take the weight off your shoulder!

Submit your assignment instructions

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