Why is the age and the situation not important enough.

To create an ethics case study investigating a media ethics item from current news. An acceptable length is 5 pages or above. You should do the following: a) briefly overviewing the issue b) the ethics challenges it presents c) applying the appropriate ethics codes or thinking to consider how to address the situation d) use your analysis to propose the “best” way to proceed e) explain the limitation of the solution you presented But you need to include some high quality sources (such as SPJ code of ethics and ONA ethics, you can also use other sources) Rubric is attached. I will be diving into the press releasing the names and photos of child suspects. There are many murders that children have been the suspect but releasing photos of these children along with their photo can be harmful. Why is the age and the situation not important enough. We will look into how far is too far in giving out the photo and the name of suspects under the age of 17. Along with real life examples. In this paper, I plan to discuss the different outcomes of giving out this information through my article research and speaking with people in my county that can be directly effected.

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