Why do you believe this?

In fact, less than a year after the last page was written, it was closing in on total garbage as over-saturation, government regulation and lawsuits might just well be ending Airbnb’s run.
Not even to mention how the closing of the economy and recreational sources for Covid-19 has really caused problems.
So much for your instructor being Nostradamus II.
Now is your chance, predict the Future of Recreation. Come up with your own scenario, and try to back it up with citations.
It will give you a good chance to compare and contrast various eras and their effect in the United States on recreation and figure where it’s going.
Post your initial response and include any references, then respond to at least two other postings.
For this and any assignment given in this class, the only length requirement is that you have written enough to answer the question. The rubric should help you know what is asked for in the answer (the rubric can be found by going to the top right of the page and clicking on the “snowman” or three vertical dots then click on “Show Rubric). One point of emphasis – one sentence or two sentence answers, whether they have the necessary citations or not, are very rarely enough to completely answer a question. There needs to be an interweaving of what you are trying to convey and your research.
An example that will get you a Needs Improvement grade and one that will get you an outstanding grade.
The reason I believe the sky is blue is when I look into the sky it is blue.
The reason I believe the sky is blue, is not only that when I look into the sky I see it as what I have been trained is blue, but science tells us that there are some solid scientific reasons for it. The main one is that the color blue is that which we see from the ground as sunlight hits the prism that is our atmosphere and breaks the white light into the various spectrums. [https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/blue-sky/en/} (Links to an external site.) . Since I have seen how prisms break down light, especially in creating rainbows, it makes sense that I see the sky as blue.
Also Рthe instructor will no longer accept platitudes, that is a trite, meaningless, or prosaic statement, often used as a thought-terminating cliché, aimed at quelling social, emotional, or cognitive unease.
As an example, a statement like “Since LA Kings fans who teach online have always destroyed all they touch…” should not stand alone. Why do you believe this? Show how this is the case, and never use a single instance to prove a case. In the instant case, you have to do better than “Well, look at Glenn…” though you would think that would be enough.
And please never use “It’s always been that way,” “You just know it,” “Oh come on, everyone knows it” or “It’s settled science that…” It was once settled science that the sun revolved around the earth. In fact Galileo Galilei was convicted of heresy because he challenged this “settled science.”

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