When we think of k-pop, we frequently think of the sounds of the visual, not the music itself.

I watched the K-pop music video “Whistle” by BlackPink before writing my paper, and I could feel their excitement and hard work from their video. Kpop is creative, active, and realistic. Even if it’s a dream. The beat is positive. It follows a tight and forceful star-making method, and its reach extends throughout Asia. The main audience is young. And the global marketing model is advanced; there are no special artistic deposition requirements for the audience, the understanding and respect limit is low, the skill is mainly pop music, the front end is results by music mv concerts, the tail end is using the system as the type of media, and social media is the interaction. The concept, which sells accessories in a range of ways and reaches a large and diverse audience, is especially typical of pop music For example like Kpop stars advertise their own brands. The items produced in South Korea. The Korean would gain from the previous fans in this way. In addition to the physical album, which often costs $10. Fans are purchasing in amounts more than 20, with some purchasing 100. As a result, every time a Kpop group releases a new album, the sales of their physical records rise. Our emotions are assaulted by beautiful makeup and hair, perfect dancing, powerful rhythms, overpowering songs, and creative stages. When we think of K-pop, we frequently think of the sounds of the visual, not the music itself. A basic musical tune. While reading the two articles from Hall and Smith, the impressions for me were Soft power has the potential to grow as it slowly influences public views of other countries. Being Militaristic and National are important now because of the impact of foreign culture, which may lead one to believe that the foreign culture is now far superior than their own. Soft power is also a danger to every countries in the globe since we don’t know what will occur in the future because their power is rising every year, particularly their culture. Military power isn’t the same as soft power. Military power shows physical ability, but soft power is a concealed power that may be deployed anywhere at time. Nations in Asia are continuing to grow and attain results while losing their culture, whilst others, such as South Korea, China, and Japan, are now powerful but still expanding and impacting other countries through their culture.

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