What does putnam mean when he says that their meaning “ain’t in the head”?

(5-7 pages – 1500-2100 words)
Papers full of grammatical errors are unacceptable. I will not grade grammar or take off for a
few grammatical mistakes, but too many errors can result in a large deduction. When remotely in doubt, cite sources carefully, and avoid long quotes.
PUTNAM’S Natural kind terms:
a. What are natural kinds? How do natural kind terms work, according to Putnam? What
does Putnam mean when he says that their meaning “ain’t in the head”? Why does he believe this? Is he correct? Develop your own novel kind of case to argue for or against Putnam: one where we make some surprising future discovery regarding one of our terms (i.e. we find that typical cases possess an underlying nature we did not expect), a case where we would be reluctant to defer to experts or an underlying nature in determining a kind’s extension, and/or a case where the past and future usage of a term look different (i.e. we should say that a term has changed meaning, rather than its underlying nature has been revealed). Does Putnam’s theory offer the right kind of analysis of your case? Why or why not? Note that you should highlight the relevance of your novel case in your thesis statement.

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