What the government should do is take every penny people have paid toward interest and apply it to the principal and preferably stop charging interest.

gender restrictions in sports
problem-solution format:
here are the “rules”
Persuasion Speech Assignment—Professor Betts—Speech 131
Time Limit: 8-10 minutes
Note cards: Four 5 x 8 cards (front side only)
Research: Gather and Cite 7 Credible Sources Aloud
Dropbox: Place a Sentence Outline and Works Cited Page containing your 7 Credible Sources in the Dropbox
Goal: To convince us that a particular stance or position is most logical. You might be arguing that there is a problem in the world that needs to be solved, or instead, you might champion an issue, hobby or cause. In other words, you can argue for or against something.
The Structure/Organization for the Persuasive Speech:
We know that every public speech in our class begins with an Introduction, Thesis, and Preview. After these steps, we’re lead to the body. This is where we present the backing for our original thesis statement. I have given you a choice of three different formats for the Body of this speech. Either one will help you to organize an excellent speech. If you are unsure which one works best for your topic, we’ll talk about it.
Problem-Solution Format:
Problem Step- You want the audience to be concerned about your topic by the end of this point. Your goal is to quantify (facts/statistics) and qualify (stories of real people affected by the topic) in hopes of presenting a balanced argument. Think about the aspects of your research that prove this topic is a problem that must be dealt with.
Cause Step- Now that the problem has been established, why is this happening and who is at fault? These crises don’t appear out of thin air, so them must be reasons why this problem has come to plague society? Who are the people/organizations that have turned a blind eye to this dilemma?
Solution Step- We know there is a problem and reasons for its existence, but how do we make it go away? What can be done to extinguish this exigency on society? There are two types of solutions we will employ. The first are National Solutions. What can be done nationwide (in Congress for example) to make this problem go away? You should search or research that can be implemented across the board. Secondly, what Personal Solutions can be used to put the fire out? What can you tell us to protect ourselves in day-to-day life? The government may not always be available/willing to help, so what practical steps can we take to protect ourselves for the topic.
Monroe’s Motivated Sequence:
Attention (just like introduction)
Need Step- Exactly like the Problem Step from Problem-Solution (see above). You want to quantify and qualify to prove to the audience that they should be concerned about this topic.
Satisfaction Step- Exactly like the Solution Step from Problem-Solution (see above). What can be done to make this need (problem) go away? National and Personal Solutions will be utilized to make this happen.
Visualization Step- We know there is a problem, and have taken steps to try and satisfy (solve) it. This main point helps us to see into the future. If you listen to the solutions that I just gave, a series of good things will happen (talk about a few of those). If my solutions are ignored, things are going to deteriorate further (explain how that will happen)
Call to Action (Conclusion)- Similar to the conclusion above. You Review (restate the thesis and preview), but instead of wrapping up, the speaker finishes with an emotional appeal that pushes the audience to act now.
Comparative Advantage Format:
Body (2-4 Reasons why your topic has utility)
Advantage #1- The first reason why your topic is a good idea.
Advantage #2- A second reason why your topic is in our best interest.
Advantage #3- The final reason we should champion your topic.
My final attempt to help those that don’t understand the student loan game.
Mortgage: At closing, you know exactly what you will pay back. Interest is calculated monthly. Extra payments pay down principal.
My Mortgage was $135k for a 30-year loan in 2004. Refinanced once for lower interest rates and terms. We made a couple of lump sum principal payments and the house was paid off in 2021. That’s 13 years early.
Student Loan: Interest is compounded daily. Extra payments go toward future payments, not to pay down the principal. If you don’t make a monthly payment because you are paid up in advance, your interest is still calculated daily.
I was told if I made my payments on time (I never missed a single payment nor paid late) loan would be paid off in 20 years. I won’t say the college financial aid rep lied to me. What I will say is she probably didn’t understand it herself.
I was also told about the Public Service Forgiveness. Make 10 years of payments and the rest is paid off. Well, when I applied, I was told my loans weren’t eligible.
I borrowed $45,000 in student loans
First 10 years I paid $275/month = $33,000
Next 15 years I paid $550/month = $99,000
1 final lump sum payment = $16,000
Total $148,000
Mortgage $135k paid off in 17 years for a total of $183,000.
Student Loan $45k paid off in 25 years after making a final $16k payment for a total of $148,000.
Yes, you can say everyone should know better, but chances are you wouldn’t have known any better either.
We are told over and over that your way out of poverty is through education. Yet, the poorest, most vulnerable, first-generation college students are just happy to be living their dream and trying their hardest to escape the cycle of poverty.
What the government should do is take every penny people have paid toward interest and apply it to the principal and preferably stop charging interest. This would probably pay off many loans. At the most, the loans should be set up like a mortgage.
Anyone who reads this and doesn’t understand the system is broken doesn’t want to understand

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