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ECE 1045 Introduction to ECE Lab Techniques
Observation and Documentation
NAEYC Standard 1: Promoting Child Development and Learning
a) Knowing and understanding young children’s characteristics and needs
b) Knowing and understanding the multiple influ­ences on development and learning
NAEYC Standard 3: Observing, Documenting and Assessing to support young children and families
a) Understanding the goals, benefits, and uses of assessments—including its use in development of appropriate goals, curriculum, and teaching strategies for young children
b) Knowing about and using observation, documentation, and other appropriate assessment tools and approaches systematic observations, documentation and other effective assessment strategies in a responsible way.
Students know about and use systematic observations, documentation and other effective assessment strategies in a responsible way
c) Understanding and practicing responsible assessment to promote positive outcomes for each child
d) Students, in partnerships with families and other professionals, support children’s development and learning

In this assessment, you will assess an area of the classroom (over a 2-week period), report on the skills/development of the children and take action to bring their play to a higher level.

Your final Observation and Documentation assessment must address each of the following steps and questions:
Step One: Select an interest area of the classroom to observe:
1) Select an area of the classroom to observe. Utilizing the “SEE” list provided for the area of the classroom you selected, note the Basic Materials, Literacy and Math Enhancements and Optional Enhancements. Please use more than check marks to notate what is available for children in the selected area of the classroom. (Standard 1a.)

Step Two: Select an area of development you would like to observe and assess
1) Select an area of development you would like to observe and assess. Choose from one of the following learning domains: (Standard 1b.)
Language development
Social development
Physical development (large motor or small motor)
Cognitive development (math and science)
Emergent reading/writing skills (literacy)

Step Three: Observation of children in selected interest area and selected domain
1) Observe at least three-five children utilizing observation tools provided to you in class, within the selected domain, and selected area of the classroom. Anecdotal and running records may include all children. Checklists and CELDG will need individualized observation forms.
Observation tools required:
Narrative observations-
Anecdotal – required for all observations
Running –required for social and emotional domain
Provided to you in class
Colorado Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines
Provide documentation (anecdotal and running records) using your personal observation organization system that supports the assessments and observations.
(Standard 3b.)
Step Four: Write a reflective paragraph concerning your observations for the interest area of the classroom you observed. (Standard 1b)
Step Five: Write a reflective narrative, 1-2 pages, utilizing the strength-based model discussed in class, of the current skills of the children. (Standard 3a.)

Step Six: Following the Effective Teaching Cycle, write a reflection with the following prompts in mind.
What are you still curious about regarding this interest area and/or these children? What other questions might you have that need answers?
What specific areas would you need to watch, listen, and observe to get the answers you still find curious?
To what extent has reflection helped you to understand these children and/or interest area?
(Standard 3b)

Step Seven: Two-step intervention
After reflection, create and implement a two-step intervention. This intervention will include a specific activity you would do and/or materials you would embed to further engage and increase learning and development in your chosen area. (Standard 3c)

Step Eight: Family Partnerships
Write a two-three paragraph descriiption of what you might include in a documentation portfolio for families that represents your data and analysis of the children’s learning. (Standard 3d)

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