What is the value of touchpoints for educators and families?

Brazelton: What are touchpoints and why are they important? What is the value of Touchpoints for educators and families? What is unique about the model? Then, choose one (or more) of the questions to respond to. Please explain your response and connect it to the reading (Gudrais, 2012).
Your post must be at least 300 words
Your post must be responsive to one of the guiding prompts
Your post must be substantive and end with a question that enhances the discussion. That is, it helps to move the discussion forward, e.g. your questions could be a follow up question, an example from your own life, or a new/different perspective
Your post must show ample evidence of having reviewed and completed the relevant readings and videos (e.g., state how the evidence you provide exemplifies your points, including in text citations)
All sources must be cited APA Style
Don’t forget to generate a question by the end.
Gudrais, E. (2012). Early learning: Supporting children by teaching the adults that shape their lives. Harvard Magazine.

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