What is the objective of the advertising?

Advertising strategy describes a means to achieve an advertising objective with respect to consumer awareness, attitude, and preference. The creative strategy serves as the creative team’s guide for writing and producing the advertising.
For this discussion, thoroughly read Chapter 8, “Creating Ads: Strategy and Process”, pay special attention to section LO8-3
Then find a current advertising campaign, such as PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew continues “As good as the original, maybe even better” campaign for its Zero Sugar variant in a new spot that revisits the classic ’80s comedy-horror movie “Gremlins” campaign and evaluate the creative strategy used in your selected ad by responding to the following:
1. What is the basic problem the advertising must address or solve?
2. What is the objective of the advertising?
3. Tell us what is the message strategy? What are its important parts?
Please be sure to refer to the attached files and include in text citation

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