What do you think a content gap is, and what are some possible ways to identify them?

For this discussion, respond to at least 2-3 of the questions below that are provided by Wiki Edu.
Wikipedia aims to represent the “sum total of human knowledge.” Despite its millions of articles, significant content gaps still persist. This is especially evident in topics related to women, minorities, and other historically marginalized populations.
Several initiatives seek to address these content gaps, such as WikiProject: Women in Red and Art+Feminism.
The following discussion questions will help you to explore Wikipedia’s content gaps and help you understand how you can remedy them as a student editor.
Now that you are thinking about the problem of content gaps, consider some additional questions:
Wikipedians often talk about “content gaps.” What do you think a content gap is, and what are some possible ways to identify them?
What are some reasons that a content gap might arise? What are some of the consequences of content gaps?
What are some ways to remedy them?
What is the relationship between content gaps and Wikipedia’s “notability” and “neutrality” policies? When do these issues conflict? When do they complement one another? Explain.
If “anyone” can edit Wikipedia, does it matter who “does” edit Wikipedia?
What does it mean to be “unbiased” on Wikipedia? How is that different, or similar, to your own definition of “bias”? In your discussion be sure to address how bias and notability affect each other.
What is the relationship between Wikipedia’s sourcing policies and content gaps?
If you have general questions about expectations for college-level writing, please see ESC Online Writing Center: Academic Writing.
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Post your initial topic with a 200-word minimum, and then respond to two other postings from your classmates at 150 words each. Read the entire thread because your contributions should be a continuation of the conversation. Ask questions in an informed way, offer comparisons, and engage with your peers in an academic dialogue.
Please cite your sources at the bottom of your post. Use an appropriate citation style (MLA, APA or Chicago) to cite references, websites, or anything you comment on that someone else said. I look forward to seeing you in the conversation.
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