What are the values of the company?

So far, you’ve chosen a company (Apple), analyzed its industry perspective, and identified its business description. Now it’s time to focus on your company’s current position and the industry. For your company, specify the following:
Mission statement
What is the vision of the company?
What are the values of the company?
What are the goals of the company?
Perform a SWOT Analysis. To assist you in categorizing SWOT elements, use the two-question approach:
Two-question SWOT classification technique (see graphic below)
Strengths, Internally controlled by the company that is a positive impact
Weaknesses, Internal control by the company that is a negative impact
Opportunities, External to the company’s Management that are a positive outcome
Threats, External to the company’s Management that are a negative outcome
Industry attractiveness and business strength are comprised by combining the Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) Study of 1980 and Michael Porter’s (MP5) Forces Model:
There are two steps in this process
BCG Matrix (see graphic below), analyze the company’s position from a share of market (SOM) and industry growth perspective. (You have this information from last week’s research submission) What quadrant are they participating in? Are they correctly positioned for the future, or is there an opportunity to change?
MP5 (see graphic below) analyzes the power and threats in an industry. MP5 identifies and analyzes five competitive forces that shape every industry.
Do a textual analysis of the industry attractiveness. Does the current position look promising, or does the company need to reposition itself?
Competitive Ratio Financial Position (use attach ratio analysis excel sheet for formatting)
Complete ratio analysis of your chosen organization compared to your close two competitors and the industry averages
Here is a spreadsheet that is required for this assignment for formatting. It is an example of how to present financial data for ratio analysis.
Financial Ratio Comparison-1-1.xlsxDownload Financial Ratio Comparison-1-1.xlsx
https://www.investing.com/equities/Links to an external site. This is the data source for my financial ratios in the example. This site also includes other financial data you will need in Week 7. This is one of many tools that are available for ratio analysis. After completing the above analysis, you should see some similarities confronting the company. Next week you will conduct a GAP analysis using those similarities to develop what I call an Elegant Strategy. Solving multiple issues with one strategy is where the art of strategy begins

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