Then write a summary (200) words and an analysis of (50 words)

This is an annotated bibliography, this includes writing two summaries and in introduction.
i have already found TWO SOURCES MYSELF, i will provide a file of the sources i have already found.
In the introduction, you will be writing about the two sources ive found plus the two you will write about. (i will also provide a file of what you should write and an sample.
You would have to read chapter 1 of “God in the Dock C. S. Lewis (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.” Then write a summary (200) words and an analysis of (50 words)
2. You would also have to find a chapter in the book of The essential C. S. Lewis (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.
that relates to the summary of the book The great divorce by C.S. Lewis. (to save time i can provide you with the summary of the great divorce).
3. After finding a chapter in the book ‘the essential’ C.S. lewis that correlates to the book ‘the great divorce’ you will have to write a summary (200words) of the chapter from the book ‘The essential’ and analysis (50 words)
*Note that in the analysis you would have to disagree or agree*
i will provide examples of how these two summary and analysis should look like

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