The research paper must be typed and double-spaced. Please select a readable fon

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The research paper must be typed and double-spaced. Please select a readable font type and size (e.g., Times Roman, Arial. etc. 10/ 12-point font).
Assignments will require:
• Effective writing for purposes of critical inquiry and/or the presentation of scholarly information.
• Writing used as a tool for learning, with ample opportunity provided for drafting, revising, and/or re-writing of papers once feedback is given. Peer review of papers/presentations may be included in the feedback process.
• Submission of a minimum total of 3000-3750 words (12-15 standard pages) of graded finished written assignments is required for this course
• Student evaluations/grades will require effective writing as well as content. Effective writing as well as content will be graded and evaluated.
• Substantial reading of required books and analysis of material will be an integral part of this class.

The minimum total of 3000-3750 words is a requirement for successful completion of this course.

Your paper must include at least five references. Although you may use online resources, references must also include peer reviewed journals and journal articles. The paper must be written in APA style. If you need assistance with APA style, go to:
Below are pre-approved topics for the research paper. You are free, however, to choose a topic not on this list. If you elect to choose a topic not on this list, please check with me for approval. All research papers must focus on child psychology.

• Pre-approved Topics for Research Papers:

• Step-blended families
• Siblings and birth order
• Impact of COVID-19 on children and adolescents
• Effects of divorce on children (be age group specific)
• Character development
• Child and adolescent therapy: Cognitive-behavioral procedures
• Moral reasoning in elementary school vs. moral reasoning in high school
• Learning challenges/Neurodiversity
• ADHD, as a Gift
• Autism Spectrum Disorder
• Sensory Processing Disorder
• Discipline and limit setting for children/adolescents (choose young children or adolescents)
• Impact of media on children and adolescents
• Adolescent thinking, self-awareness, self-conscious thinking
• Early academics, pros, and cons
• Depression/mood disorders in adolescence
• Addressing behavioral problems in young children
• Play/floor time
• Impact of TV/video games/computers on young children-positive and negative
• Language acquisition
• Shyness as a positive personality trait
• Aggression in children/adolescents
• Anxiety and fears in children/adolescents
• Nutrition/eating habits
• Day Care, pros, and cons
• Attachment theories and developmental implications

Numerical Grading Rubric for Research Paper – Total Points: 50

• suitability focused and narrow topic – points: 5
• evidence of thorough lit search – points: 5
• use of peer-reviewed sources – 5
• evidence supporting thesis – points 5
• clear and convincing conclusion – points 5
• clear progression of ideas – 5 points
• good use of headings and subheadings – 5 points
• use of APA style (in-text citations and reference section – points 5
• clarity and readability – points 5
• spelling, grammar, sentence structure – points 5


Papers -10 points each. Total Papers: 4 – 40 points – One-page, double-spaced papers. Headings are not necessary. Please make sure your papers are full-page. Due: September 20, October 11, October 25, November 8.

Research paper- 50 points.

Swamped with your writing assignments? Take the weight off your shoulder!

Submit your assignment instructions

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