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I am the new Security Manager at the critical infrastructure (CI) site of Myrnx Healthcare Consultants Company. The company’s main business services include health problem consultations, disease diagnosis, and medication prescriptions. The company also offers general health maintenance support services, screenings, and regular clinical check-ups. The Myrnx Company is also a top player in the invention, testing, and promotion of vaccinations for various diseases.

I am in charge of planning and implementing security for the critical infrastructure site of the company. The company’s critical infrastructure site has information technology systems like computers as well as servers, the HIS hospital information system, vertical software like for ER-ED, LIS laboratory information systems, and the PACS picture archiving and communication system. The highlighted infrastructures are often faced with the challenge of security breaches like cyber-attacks through hacking or unauthorized access.

Technology is defined as the systems which use accumulated knowledge and employ skills, tools and techniques in scientific research. Usually, technology involves the operation of all machines. Technology, in healthcare, is the system of information and tools that make the delivery of healthcare digitized. Thus, technology has three main elements including information or knowledge, tools or machines, and techniques.

Since time immemorial, technology and science have interacted to define the civilization. The evolution of world orders is always viewed from the perspective of technological and scientific advances. Civilization involves increase in awareness and knowledge among the people regarding a given phenomenon. Technology and science interact to shape knowledge generation hence collectively influencing civilization in the society. Through scientific or health research, new information and knowledge are generated. Technology comes in to ensure the new information and knowledge generated are transmitted and spread among people in a given society.

It is worth noting that scientific and technological functions mean the explanation of new phenomena, and generating unprecedented knowledge by way of discovering fresh principles and natural laws. The new knowledge created is used by people in the societies to change their lives and advance processes. The world has shifted towards a knowledge-based society. Today, the world is working largely for the person with a knowledgeable mind. Essentially, knowledge is power in the modern world. Science and technology are working interdependently to spur this knowledge generation and utilization.

The society is, thus, embracing technology and science. The society is made up of human beings who are increasingly attracted to sedentary lifestyle. People do not want to get exhausted working manually. Thus, scientists are always out to research on the best way to eliminate manual work in a given area. With the inventions that then happen, introducing new machines and techniques of work and life, society finds itself embracing technology and science. The society has also become a big consumer of data. There are highly large datasets captured by satellites. The society’s demand for data-driven decisions is increasing the embrace for technology and science. The yearn for new and accurate information as well as knowledge have also worked to make the society embrace technology and science.

Embracing technology and science comes with a positive result. Although there are negatives like cyber-attacks which lead to unauthorized access to private datasets, the general impact of technology and science is larger. The society should continue embracing technology and science especially in healthcare. Technology and science are improving the treatment outcomes for patients and preventative care.

Swamped with your writing assignments? Take the weight off your shoulder!

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