Ron Weasley from the movie Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

You will be creating a presentation explaining development from the movies. You will create a PowerPoint presentation describing the selected character, their developmental period, typical developmental challenges, and explain where the character falls within Erikson’s stage and explain Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems your selected character is a part of.
Your presentation should have 8 slides of content (not including title page and references) and include about a paragraph of notes on each slide. Watch the video if you need a reminder on how to get to the notes section..
Harry Potter 1 character
Ron Weasley from the movie Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.
Brief Character Overview-
Name, Age,
Correct Identification of Developmental Period & Explanation-
Explanation of Key Developmental Issues/Outcomes (think Physical, Social, Cognitive and Emotional)
Theories Identification and Explanation (Bronfenbrenner & Erikson)-
Identify all aspects of Ecological Systems the character is a part of, you may need to extrapolate
Erikson’s stage, description of navigation of this stage as shown in movie
Expanding on the movie’s developmental issue-
Using an outside source, talk about something within the movie with relation to that character’s developmental period, use the peer-reviewed source for this
Example: Adolescence- Bullying/Sex/Substance Use or Older Adults- Retirement/Loss/Aging
Integration of Sources-
Peer-Reviewed Source
The Movie! ***
Proper Citations in the PowerPoint Notes
Use of Powerpoint NOTES
Clear, Understandable
Aesthetics of PowerPoint

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