Research: you are required to use three (3) sources in this assignment.

Assignment: Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you explore the causal relationships
surrounding an issue regarding one of the following three topics: Uninsured Americans, Obesit
in America, Overrepresentation of Black Americans in U.S. Prison System. You should suppor
your analysis with information from sources, your personal experiences, your well-reasoned
opinions on the subject.
Research: You are required to use three (3) sources in this assignment. I will be from The 1619
Project, and 2 chosen from Opposing Viewpoints, found in the UHD library’s databases. You
are limited to the most current sources and should choose sources between the years 2010-2022
Note: You are not limited to print sources.
Constraints: Your essay should be a minimum of 1000 words, but it can be more. Your works
cited page will appear at the end of your essay on a separate page. The works cited should be
presented in MLA format. You will once again submit your final version to Turnitin.

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