Read- jocelyn nicole johnson, “my monticello,” pp. 62-end

Weekly reading journals allow students to explore and to reflect on their own ideas related to the reading that may connect to class discussion, to world events, and to students’ feelings and experiences. These journals help develop students’ analytical skills; they offer a creative space for students to write their own thoughts about what they are reading, so no summaries are allowed. Students must connect, argue, or imagine ideas related to the readings. Reading journals will have to be substantial—a complete thought—at approximately 250 words. Reading journals will receive full credit for those that meet the criteria and no credit for those that do not. Criteria include: 250 words, related to the reading, original thought, analysis (no summaries), and not submitted during class time.
Read- Jocelyn Nicole Johnson, “My Monticello,” pp. 62-End

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