Published in a scholarly/academic journal (and therefore it has been peer reviewed).

we are going think about how technology, media and social media are impacting personality development
and the development of self in the 20th and 21st century. Now that children and teens have access to so
many different external influences (through media and social media) there is almost certainly going to be a change in how they develop since they are no longer influenced only by what is immediately around them.
For this assignment you are going to do a little bit of research into this topic (how technology and the media and/or social media has impacted the personality development of children and teens). This is NOT a rant or a discussion of mental wellness or bullying or other interesting topics, rather it is a discussion of personality development. Please find and read at least one research article on this topic (I would suggest using more than one) and then use that research to write an informed discussion about your topic. You will need to cite
your sources and you are not allowed to copy from your sources or directly paraphrase them, you need to
use your sources to write your OWN research informed discussion of this topic. Your POST should be
between 300 and 500 words and will be a research informed academic discussion of the topic. (in other
words, use formal and polite language). APA formatting for citations and references is expected and
required. Please write as if you are informing parents of children and teens about some aspect of this
research that they should know in order to help their children.
Please only use RECENT research (something that was published in the last 7 years) and please only use research that is actual research and has been
published in a scholarly/academic journal (and therefore it has been peer reviewed). Non academic journals, blogs, opinions, magazine articles, etc will not work for this assignment as primary sources, though you are welcome to use them as secondary sources if you find them scholarly. Please include a reference section
with all sources listed and include live links to your articles (and please remember to CITE your sources as
you are writing using APA formatting – just listing sources in a reference section is NOT citation)

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