Providers should always strive to full the needs of patient and provide the care they seek.

Teenage Pregnancy
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Dianne posted Oct 20, 2022 7:18 PM
Teenage pregnancy, as defined by the American Pregnancy Association, is a pregnancy that occurs for a woman under the age of 20. Pregnancy poses a very huge challenge for teenagers who are often unprepared to shoulder the responsibilities financially, and emotionally. This pregnant teen would need education on what to expect and how a growing fetus will affect her body. She should be presented with diet plan and avenues for support if an adult is not named as a support person. There are numerous community health services that offers support to pregnant teens. There she can receive free screenings and test throughout the pregnancy if she decides that she wants the baby. Education about options after the baby is born is also important. Often, teenagers consider abortions because they feel like there is no life after they give birth. Due to there extremely vulnerable state, teenagers but know that they can’t have the baby adopted if they so choose. They should also know about government funded nutrition and other programs that are available for low-income earners.
Some of the biggest risk factors among pregnant teens include drug and alcohol abuse. Teen moms need quality education on the harm that such habits can have on their unborn fetus if they intend to carry same to term. Other key risk factors include living in poverty, limited maternal educational achievement. Additional risk factors include being from a single-parent home, living in a home with frequent family conflict, early sexual activity, early use of alcohol and drugs, and low self-esteem (, 2022).
Providers should always strive to full the needs of patient and provide the care they seek. Stigmas and tabus, should have no place in healthcare. And if for some reason, a provider is unable to provide quality care to a specific population, then that provider should be honest enough to remove themselves from the case at hand.
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