Provide rich descriiption and movement analysis to support the thesis.

Guidelines for your Reflective Paper
Due October 30 at 11:59pm.

Introduction and Thesis Statement
Provide brief background information including when and where the ballet was first performed and the names and roles of the major characters, which include culture, time period, and character roles in Giselle.
Write a thesis statement. This thesis is a statement about one thing that stood out as you watched the entire ballet in relation to gender.

Body Paragraphs
Write 2 paragraphs. In each paragraph develop one topic sentence for each act of Giselle.
You can choose how you organize the body of your paper as long as your points refer directly to your thesis.
Support each topic sentence describing parts of the scenes from Giselle. Provide rich descriiption and movement analysis to support the thesis. Use at least one of the course readings to further support your ideas.
For example, I have provided some useful topics from Fisher’s article Tulle as Tool Embracing the Conflict of the Ballerina as Powerhouse.pdf. You can use any of these topics to develop your thesis. Go to the mini-lesson page to find this list.
To be clear, you must use movement analysis and a course reading to support both of your topic sentences for Act I and Act II.

You will write a conclusion in which you will provide a finishing discussion regarding why you find your thesis important.
If you feel it is appropriate, you may discuss how you might modernize Giselle to more accurately reflect a gender politic that belongs to today.
Here are a few prompts you may consider as you design your concluding paragraph.
Do you find a connection between gender performance in Giselle and that in your family and group culture?
Did you gain any new insight about gender performance through the analysis of Giselle?
Do you have any ideas about to update Giselle to more accurately reflect gender roles?

Works Cited
Cite all sources in MLA format.
Refer to the Purdue Owl MLA Formatting and Style Guide and Zotero.

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