Provide 2 specific examples of asset demand for money. 

  Discussion 1
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Compare and contrast the transaction demand and asset demand for money.
What is the relationship between interest rate, aggregate income, and price level?
Provide 2 specific examples of transaction demand for money.
Provide 2 specific examples of asset demand for money. 
 Respond to Kayla and Sebastian by describing what you would like to learn about their selected topics. Explain what questions you have about the topic and consider what additional information would you need in order to understand the historical context.
 Kayla post
The topic I have chosen for my project is desegregation in the Boston Area. In 1965 there was something called the Racial Imbalance act that outlawed segregation of schools. Even though nearly 50 percent of Boston fell under the category for this act, the Boston Schools committee refused to implement the plans to integrate/desegregate schools. In 1974,  Judge Wendell Arthur Garrity Jr. considered the efforts of keeping school separate to be unconstitutional and forced the busing of students. This caused a lot of outrage. Eventually his busing efforts were handed back to the Boston Schools Committee and therefore led to the schools resegregating again. This topic interests me because I want to dig deeper and find out what ultimately led to the actual desegregation of schools after so many years of trying but failing. The research question I started with is “What specific events lead to the desegregation of schools in the Boston area?” But I plan to narrow it down as it seems a little too broad for a short paper.As far as Quebecois immigration, I would like to know more about what they endured on their journey while migrating, and just how difficult it was for them once they arrived as far as culture shock and the way they were treated.
Sebastian post 
For my topic, I have chosen the Irish Immigrant experience. Many Irish immigrants were poor and uneducated, making them initially ill-equipped for the emerging industrial economy of America. These immigrants experienced religious discrimination and backlash against their presence in major industrial centers like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia. This event is significant to our nation because it changed America. They made huge contributions to our politics, industry, organized labor, religion, literature, music, and art. My research question I will attempt to answer: : In what specific ways did the Irish immigration experience and their contributions, change America and was it a positive impact on our country?If I were researching Québécois immigration, I would like to know the process that they had to go through getting to America and what negatives they encountered. I would also like to know how they settled and what they had to do to be accepted in America, along with the biggest change they had to get adapted too. 

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