Political Analysis Annotated Bibliography: Write a paper where you argue a side about a political issue that currently impacts Black people in Southern California

Political Analysis Annotated Bibliography

Due: Monday, Oct. 24th on Brightspace by the end of the day
Format: APA, double spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins
Length: 4 cited sources with a paragraph of analysis below each
The Assignment topic: Write a paper where you argue a side about a political issue that currently impacts Black people in Southern California (food insecurity, education inequities, representation in politics or media, cultural appropriation, police harassment and surveillance, housing discrimination and gentrification, healthcare, etc.). In your paper, make sure to include how Africana people in Southern California resisted or rebelled against the issue you chose.

Argument: Your paper should answer the following, “How has [issue of your choice] impacted the Africana community in Southern California over the last 20 years, and how has the community responded to this issue?” You should summarize your response in a thesis statement at the end of the introduction and support/expand on your perspective throughout the body of the paper.
Your Assignment: You are being asked to create a list of citations and annotations (paragraphs of analysis) for the sources you have found on the topic of your political analysis paper. Your annotated bibliography should begin with a topic statement that describes the specific issue you are focusing on and then list no fewer than 4 outside sources, including 1 primary sources that represents a voice from the community, such as from an interview, news report, YouTube video, autobiography, poem, social media post, interview, or other source, and 3 articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or chapters from scholarly books that discuss the significance of your issue to Africana people in LA.

Topic Statement: At the start of your annotated bibliography, please take 2-3 sentences to describe the topic you are focusing on. This description should go beyond telling us what issue you are focusing on and, rather, should describe what you have learned thus far about 1) how this issue has impacted Africana people in LA and 2) how Africana people in LA have responded to this issue. I would strongly advise that you wait to write your topic statement until you have conducted more research so that you have a clearer idea of how your topic is taking shape based on what you’ve found!
Annotated Bibliography: Your bibliography should then list all of your citations in alphabetical order by the first letter of each entry. Below each citation, you should write a paragraph of analysis (an annotation) on the source. Here is a link to a page that provides some helpful examples of APA-style annotated bibliographies:

APA Citation Formatting: Please make sure to format your citations in APA style. Bear in mind that different types of sources are cited differently—citations for online scholarly articles contain different information than citations for books or news articles. It’s up to you to use the citation style guide available online via the OWL Purdue (or another citation resource of your choosing) to find the correct citation style for each of your sources:
For example, if I wanted to cite a scholarly article from an online database, I would open the OWL APA Style Guide, go to “Reference List: Electronic Sources” and then scroll down to the entry for “Online Scholarly Journal Entry” to find instructions on how to do so.

Instructions for Annotations: Below each APA-cited source, you should write a paragraph of analysis (an annotation). Follow these steps when writing each of your annotations:
Step 1: Authority/Author: Discuss the qualifications of the author and/or publication (e.g., Smith, a history professor at USC, based his argument on recent research).
Step 2: Main Focus: Briefly describe the main focus of the text—what is its main point, and how does it establish that point?
Step 3: Relevance/Main Purpose: Discuss how this source relates to your specific topic. How will this source help you explore your topic as you describe it in your topic statement (how will it help you explore the significance of your issue to the Africana community in LA/the Africana community’s response to this issue?). What discussions will it help you start, and how will you use this source in your paper? Should take up the majority of each annotation—at least a couple sentences.

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