Plan a project that meets organizational goals and that has a high probability of success

Outcomes Met With This Assignment:
plan a project that meets organizational goals and that has a high probability of success
use appropriate technologies for researching, documenting, and communicating with stakeholders throughout the project life cycle
This assignment is the third of five individual assignments. You are expected to complete the assignment individually without any assistance. You will create a project schedule.
Step 1: Microsoft Project
Before you start the project, access Microsoft Project to ensure there is no problem with using the tool.
Go to the Content area to ‘Required Software’ and follow the instructions provided to access the project management software.
Read the grading rubric for the assignment. Use the grading rubric while writing the paper to ensure all requirements are met.
Step 2: Develop the Project Schedule
Use the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that your group generated in Week 3 as a basis for this assignment. Ensure that at least five (5) major phases and 50 work packages are identified, and make sure that all of the work required for the project is captured.
Create a Microsoft Project for your project.
Ensure that your project file shows the following columns: Name, Duration, Start, Finish, Predecessors, Successors, Cost, and Resource Names.
Enter project phases and work packages. Assign task durations, predecessors, and successors, and specify any appropriate constraints.
Specify resources (including human resources, materials, equipment, and/or services as appropriate) in the Resources tab, and assign a cost for each resource.
Assign resource(s) to each work package, and ensure a natural roll-up of costs and duration to the phase level and for the overall project.
Step 3: Review the Project Schedule for accuracy and completeness.
Ensure your file includes all required elements and does not include unnecessary constraints.

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