Non-Human Primate Research Paper

Non-Human Primate Research Paper Guidelines
For this assignment, you must research and write a minimum 3-page paper on the Non-Human
Primate Chimpanzee.
You are to research and write a 2-5 page research paper in your own words discussing one of the non-human
primates from the list provided. In order for you to receive full credit for the Non-Human Primate Research
Paper, your paper must include: a picture of your non-human primate or drawing, be at least 2-pages long
(not including your picture or bibliography), typed, double spaced, 12 pt. font, be in Times New Roman style,
page numbered, 1-inch margins, free from spelling/ grammatical errors, sources properly cited, include a
bibliography with a minimum of 5 reputable sources (DO NOT use Wikipedia), and the paper must be in MLA
style guide. The MLA style guide can be found online and downloaded for free.Do NOT quote more than 10%
in your paper for all sources used. The paper must also be in the following format:/

This is where you will introduce your non-human primate and provide background
information on the species (Who, When, Where, What?). Discuss who discovered your species, where
your species is geographically found (in the wild), how your species was discovered, the significance of
your species name(s) (both scientific and common name), is your species an ape or monkey, and if so,
what type of ape or monkey, the status and conservation, is your species currently on the endangered
species list. This is also where you will discuss why you selected this particular non-human primate to
research over the others. Do not quote more than 10% in your paper for all sources used./

Provide a detailed physical description of your non-human primate (both males and
females), sexual dimorphism (height, weight, canine size, sagittal crest, etc.), typical group size (male
to female composition), mating patterns (monogamy, polyandry, etc.), parental investment, gestation
period, diet (including seasonal food items), loco-motor patterns, age-span (both in the wild and
captivity), foraging techniques, display of estrus, tool use/technology, territory control/defense,
common geographical predators (what your species is preyed on by), dominance hierarchies,
behavioral displays, and how genetically related your species is to modern homo sapiens. You may also
include anything else your found interesting or relevant./

Conclusion: describe how the concepts you learned in class and the textbook concerning the study of
primates enabled you to gain a better understanding of your non-human primate. Discuss what research
is currently being done to better understand the species/conservation. Discuss current research and
news on your species. You may also provide your opinion on your non-human primate. Do not quote
more than 10% in your paper for all sources used./
Bibliography: Cite all sources used (both in your paper and Bibliography)./
Picture or drawing of the Chimpanzee/
“WORD” format ONLY

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