My drone is company want to develop a type of drones in new zealand.

My drone is company want to develop a type of drones in New Zealand. first of all you need to read the assignment case details to have an idea about how the report should be like, the table in this file might help, after the table you will see the details about the company. the structure of this assignment is at the end of the instructions file. this assessment based on two previous assessments which I have attached them in one file you need to make this assignment related to them. also there is more 5 files have information need to be included in the report because the uni wants to see that I have employed what they taught us, i numbered them so its easy to you to build up the report. the citation need to be reliable in New Zealand and academic. the citation should be from New Zealand Articles or websites. I need to get high mark at this assignment to pass like between 75%-85%. send it to me in a word format in new file and I will do the covbcier page and the appendicies by myself

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