List the name, email, phone number, and role for each member of the group.

To work effectively as a team to complete your group project, the group will first need to establish group roles accordingly and fairly. You will be held accountable as a group and as an individual. You will be evaluated by your fellow group members for the final peer evaluation score which is 5% of your final grade. Submit one document per group with the required content outlined below.
A. Group Information:
Create a Group Information Table to address Group Members and Roles. List the name, email, phone number, and role for each member of the group.
Group Roles:
Discuss and identify each team member’s strengths. Then assign functional roles for each member so that tasks and responsibilities are distributed equally among the group. The following list outlines examples of group functional roles and associated responsibilities. You may choose from this list or create your own roles and responsibilities for each group member. Note that each member of the group is an equal contributor to the weekly assignments.
Group leader and Contributor (schedules, meetings, sets, deadlines, etc.)
Contributor and APA Reviewer (reviews grammar, spelling, APA, etc.)
Contributor and Submitter (finalizes and submits document etc.)
Contributor and Mentor – (assists teammates with course content such as how to search for and identify research articles that meet the requirements if assistance is needed, how to determine what is original research, identifying the difference between qualitative and quantitative research, etc.)
You may develop a table or graphic to illustrate each group member’s strengths, assigned role, responsibilities, and tasks to be completed with due dates (see example table below).
Group Member Name
Group Member Role
Phone Number

B. Include the following information below the Group Information Table in paragraph or bulleted format:
The group’s agreed-upon primary means of communication (group text, class discussion forum, other)
A tentative schedule of events for Weeks 2-3. It is expected that the group will create similar schedules for the subsequent weeks. The below is an example, however, please note that you are welcome to include more detail, use other days of the week, etc.:
Week 2:
Tuesday – each group member sends the titles two articles selected for the assignment via group chat to ensure no duplicates
Thursday – each group member sends Appendix E completed for team review for the 2 articles selected
Saturday – group meeting via Zoom to discuss any concerns/changes for appraisals
Saturday – APA reviewer will check references and send final paper for team review by 8 pm EST
Sunday – Group Submitted will review submissions and combine for group submission. Paper will be submitted by 5 pm EST.
Sunday 6 pm EST – Group Leader will check group submission in Canvas to ensure it was submitted correctly.
Submit one document per group with group roles agreed upon by the entire group.

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