List at least three other books or famous stories in this genre.

Prewriting Assignment for Genre and Favorite Reading Assignment
This assignment will be graded based on the following: A. Clarity of answers; B. formatting and grammar; C Responses answer the discussion questions fully; answers include information for a thesis and ideas for an expository essay. Length is about 1 ½ pages. No outside sources are required. If you decide to use some outside sources, list their contents fully so that your instructor will be able to final and read them. Posting links, authors, and titles may be sufficient. This is not a final draft; rather it would be an overview of possible sources that might be helpful for you.
In a word file, copy the questions, and below each question, write the answer.You create the Word File and upload it to Assignment Dropbox when you are finished.
You are mainly writing about what you already know and have experienced in your reading. You are not required to find outside sources, but you may add some informally if you wish. The topic of your expository essay is literary genres that you enjoy reading and feel that others might also enjoy.
Describe books you have read and enjoyed from any grade level, but try to stay at middle grade level and above. Tell what you liked about them. Give an example of at least one book or short story you read and liked from that genre.
Describe the genre of these books, and list some characteristics of the genre.. List at least three other books or famous stories in this genre.

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