However, as i add more devices, i can see the benefit of  adding an exporter to my network to maintain a good connection for all  my devices. 

Review your classmate’s contributions for pros and cons of one  of the example network setups and determine if they have any gaps in  their understanding.
Provide feedback for a classmate’s home network diagram. Do you have any suggestions to improve it?
Which of the six  network diagram examples most closely represents your home network? What  would you need to add/remove from this diagram to represent your home  network?
      Of the six diagrams for a home network, my current one is a  hybrid of the “Easy at-home setup” and the “smart home network.”  I have  all the devices of the easy at home combined with a few smart home  devices that all are connected via wifi. In the easy at home, I have my  PC, laptop,  printer, cell phone, and tablet. With the innovative  devices, I have my garage door, refrigerator, oven, exterior lights, two  smart TVs, and alarm system. Again, all these dives are connected via  two wifi connections with a modem, router, and two wifi connections.       
What kind of  labeling scheme would you use for your home network for each device?  Provide an example of your naming scheme and discuss why you chose your  naming scheme.
With my home network, I do not have anything specific that I go by to  label any particular device other than a simplistic approach. However, I  plan to connect more of my devices to my Amazon Alexa, and I noticed I  would need a more complex system. Such as “smart TV upstairs loft or  “master bedroom light” is currently in the works, but for now, I use the  same label method in my diagram below.
Choose and discuss  the pros and cons listed for one of the example network setups. Do you  agree with the pros and cons listed? Why or why not? What other pros and  cons would you add and why?
Out of the six home network diagrams presented in the article, I have  to say that the “reliable home network setup” is the one I see with the  most concern. Yes, it does provide a good network connection with the  wired options, but having that many dives wired through your how is  going to require a lot of carpentry knowledge to run the wires  throughout the house unless you have it built with these options ahead  of time: I ave a very simialr layout and a decent size residence. I have  just a modem and router but have noticed that two wifi connections have  worked great; I use one for the upstairs and the other for the  downstairs. However, as I add more devices, I can see the benefit of  adding an exporter to my network to maintain a good connection for all  my devices. 
 Maning, J. (2022, January 4). 6 Diagrams to Base Your Home Network On for Full Connectivity. MUO. 

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