How to submit: url link electronically, via assignment box on leo

Visit to Community Resource and Digital Learning Resource Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: 2000 words equivalent / Website design.
Learning outcomes assessed: LO1, LO2, LO3
How to submit: URL Link Electronically, via Assignment Box on LEO
Return of assignment: Electronically, via Assignment Box on LEO 3 weeks post submission
Assessment criteria:
• Rationale demonstrates conceptual knowledge and understanding of the HaSS curriculum with
connection to inquiry learning, pedagogical approaches applied to a community resource to strengthen
the teaching of Humanities in Primary school.
• Demonstrates knowledge and skill to modify content and use a range of teaching strategies and
assessment to communicate content with connections to a community resource and the HaSS curriculum
• Demonstrates pedagogical approaches to communicate content using a digital interface
• Demonstrates application of resources to support the learning of HaSS using a community resource
• Appropriate use of language: punctuation, tense, grammar, spelling. Accurate APA referencing
This task has two parts and will assist you to understand the importance of using authentic learning
experiences, such as community resources*, to support the teaching of History, Geography, Civic and
Citizenship, Economics and Business education in the primary classroom, which is key to creating active
and informed citizens. Through research, evaluation and critical analysis, as well as considering a range
of pedagogical approaches you will create a digital teaching resource that considers the following:
• Organize information into meaningful categories
• Learn terms, facts, and concepts of this subject
• Synthesize and integrate information, ideas and concepts
• Think about the “big picture” and see connections among concepts
• Think creatively about this subject
• Improve long-term memory skills for accessible knowledge
• Develop higher-level thinking skills, strategies, and habits
• Use technologies effectively
*Community Resources: are sites that enable place-based learning to occur. These can be historical,
geographical, cultural, societal, sporting, natural, built, memorials, museums, locations, physical, virtual.
Part A: Visit to Community Resource
You will need to arrange a visit to a community resource in your city or surrounding areas. Prior to going,
visit the website for your community resource and plan ahead what you want to achieve whilst there.
Read Cullen’s article (LEO Assessments Module) and relevant material in preparation for your visit.

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