How might you use the portfolio in the future?

Your portfolio is a public-facing document, and it is visible to a wide group of readers. You will personalize your Home page to welcome readers and explain the purpose of your portfolio to readers. As you begin your portfolio, envision who your readers are and what they will need to know about the purpose of your portfolio.
On your Home page, you might include the following:
A general welcome to readers.
A brief explanation of the purpose of your portfolio.
The classes or classes the portfolio work comes from.
Your goals for the portfolio.
A road map of what the portfolio includes.
Remember to keep in mind the context, or rhetorical situation, of this portfolio. Think specifically about the following:
Who might read your portfolio beyond your instructor and classmates?
How might you use the portfolio in the future?
Length: 150-250 words on your Home page.
The answer for the prompt of the classes that the portfolio works for is – from English 101
For the other questions, you can fill it out however you see fit.

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