How does this topic/event affect you?

Find and post a recent (e.g., within the past year) public health news article. This news story/article can be of any topic of interest to public health (i.e., it does not have to relate to that week’s module topic). It can be a major news story or a local story.
You are to include the following criteria in your assignment:
Article Title – 1 Point
What is the exact Title of your Article?
Article Source – 2 Points
Where did you get the article? What is the source of the story? Is it a credible source? Evaluate Information and Its Sources Critically
Provide the website link. The link to the news story must be a working link. It is crucial that we are all able to access the link and review the article.
Summary of the Article – 9 Points
Briefly in your own words, summarize the contents of the article. What is the main message from the news story? (Response must be at least 200-500 words)
Reaction – 9 Points
Take a position contained in the article. How do you feel about this topic/event? How does this topic/event affect you? (Response must be at least 200-500 words)
Impact – 9 Points
How does this topic/event impact your community or even the world? (Response must be at least 200-500 words)

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