How do people who were exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) as a child perceive the impact it has on their current relationships?

The research question is, “how do people who were exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) as a child perceive the impact it has on their current relationships?”.
This literature review must contain at least 5 research article references that are cited in the text related to the research question (include papers from .gov, .edu, and journal articles that are peer-reviewed from the United States only! ). You can use other sources to help define terms, but when you talk about the literature that supports your problem statement, it should be from professional academic sources. Follow the Template included. You can include more than one citation in each topic/heading so long as they correspond together. DO NOT INCLUDE A COVER PAGE! This assignment does not require you to submit it to me. You will add it to your final draft in week 7.
Your narrative will describe what you have learned about your variables and research topic clearly and succinctly while synthesizing what you’ve learned.
• Include only the relevant aspects of the studies and their findings, leaving out unnecessary
details. Use sub-headings to sort the information by topic and help guide the reader through the collected information you are sharing.
• Cite the research article information you collected and use subheadings to help sort the
information into topical areas.
• Your goal is to paraphrase and synthesize information from your compiled sources to make a
clear statement about the information. Do NOT simply summarize each article you’ve read. Talk
about the topics and elements of information that are similar and different between the research
you’ve read to synthesize and show you understand the material and its relevance to your study
• Use quotes very, very sparingly for definitions, perhaps but never for statistics. Reserve quotes for when someone says something so well you couldn’t possibly phrase it differently. Ideally you will not have any quotes at all.
• Your last paragraph of the literature review should summarize the key elements of the literature
your Research Team has reviewed. State any gaps or missing information you found while trying
to find research literature on your topic, then repeat for the next piece of literature.

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