How are my beliefs affected by psychological obstacles?

How are my beliefs affected by psychological obstacles?
From the field problem in Chapter 2, think of a situation in your life in which psychological obstacles of self-interest, face-saving, or group pressure affected what you said or did. In order to answer this respond to the following questions:
Did one or more of thee obstacles affect your beliefs?
What were the consequences (negative or positive) which resulted from this event?
If you had already taken the critical thinking course, what ideas from Chapter 1 and 2 might have altered the outcome?
We all have at one time or another fallen into these kinds of traps which lead us to do things we sometimes later regret. But if we are forewarned about the dangers of these obstacles we are less likely to fall prey to them.
The Power of Critical Thinking, Lewis Vaughn, Sixth Edition Chapter 2, “Obstacles of Critical Thinking”

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