Give at least two (2) research/data-supported facts/reasons/examples in support of your position.

Can not exceed 500 words.
< <br /> < <br />As an educator/educational leader, you cannot avoid getting involved in discussions of current events that could affect your school/school system in particular or education in general. Sometimes, such discussions take place in the public square. You will discuss, as well as respond to the discussion postings of others in the class on several ongoing national conversations about race, culture, or other narratives that influence school communities, especially school culture. Below is the first of three (3) different discussions of current events/readings. < <br /> < <br /> < <br /> < <br />Direction: < <br /> < <br />Read chapters two and three of the textbook by Esmail et al (2017). On page 23 (Esmail et al 2017, p.23), Ann E. Lopez’s noted that: < <br /> < <br />Parents from diverse communities are demanding that schools become more responsive to the educational needs of their children (Lopez, 2014). According to Gay (2010), schools need to become more interesting, engaging, and responsive to ethnically diverse students. This will not happen by chance. It requires focused action by educational leaders, continuous reflection and examination of their practices to unconditionally value the students they serve (Kea, Trent, & Davis, 2002; Lopez, 2011). < <br /> < <br />Task 1 (Chapter 2): Discuss the authors’ position above regarding schools becoming responsive to the educational needs of children. Do you agree or disagree with the above position? Give at least two (2) research/data-supported facts/reasons/examples in support of your position. Task 2 (Chapter 3): Discuss the role of your district or building-level leader in implementing school wide “Restorative Justice and Relational Pedagogy”. Give at least 3 specific examples of what the leader can or should do. < <br /> < <br />You may use materials from other course readings (remember to cite your source in APA Style). Post your discussion; read and respond to at least one other student's post. Limit your discussion to 500 words.

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