First Keystone Bank

Instructions for Instructor Assigned Case Study #2
First Keystone Bank
Read the assigned case and answer the following questions:
1. What type of fraud scheme is evident in this case? Justify your answer.
2. How have First Keystone’s internal controls procedures failed in this case?
3. “Moronese begged Barksdale to help her conceal her thefts because she didn’t want her
children to see her go to jail.” If you were in Barksdale’s position what would you do?
Justify your answer.
Your work must be written in APA style.
The body of your work should be a 700-word count or
more, excluding the words on the cover and reference pages.
Always include a cover page and a
reference list, and both should be on separate pages.
On the final page should be your References
Remember to cite and reference your sources using APA Style, 7 ed.
All articles should have an
active web link that will take you directly to the article you are citing and referencing.

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