• expected action

As you’ll recall, John Smith was your client during NUR 334. John Smith is a 64-year-old male. His past medical history includes BPH, HTN, chronic back pain, COPD, seasonal allergies, Erectile dysfunction, and intermittent UTIs. Mr. Smith completed school through 8th grade but then ultimately became a laborer until his retirement. His wife accompanies him to meetings with doctors to assist and learn about the medications as well. Mr. Smith is very independent, however, and does not want to rely on his wife.
He has recently visited the PCP with complaints of swelling in his ankles and difficulty climbing stairs at his home. The PCP completed an EKG, pulmonary function tests as well as lab work. Following this workup, John Smith was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. He has been prescribed Furosemide and Lisinopril for control of the CHF.
Prepare an educational pamphlet or instructional guide for Mr. Smith according to a new medication (must be a prototype) that applies to his new diagnosis. Appropriate health literacy levels for patients and family members must be utilized.
The educational guide must include:
• Any potential interactions
• Therapeutics uses
• Expected action
• Side effects/adverse effects
• Medication/food interactions
• Any specific details pertinent to these medications

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