Employees with Disability (ADA) accommodation

Exercise Content
You will write a research paper in the Human Resources Department using one of these topics. You may choose of these two topics:
1) Mental Health and HR
2) Performance Issues
3) Discrimination
4) Insubordination
6) Excessive Absenteeism
7) Drugs, Alcohol at the workplace
8) Employees with Disability (ADA) accommodation
9) Medical Marijuana
10) Theft at the workplace
11) Confidentiality
12) Wage claims
13) Harassment
14) Retaliation
15) Employee Evaluation
16) Age Discrimination
17) Disgruntled employees
At any Graduate school level, you must complete a 15-20 page paper at least once a term. Your paper will consist of 15 pages, not including the cover or reference page. Major points will be deducted for non-compliance. In addition, you are to include three references to better support your paper. Use APA 7 format. This paper will be strictly run by SafeAssign and Grammarly, with similarities higher than 20-23% will not be graded. Download Grammarly.com. It is free and a great source for scholarly writing.
It is highly recommended that to send your paper to the writing staff for assistance.
Papers submitted in pdf form will receive an automatic zero, along with papers not submitted into SafeAssisgn.
These regulations will be enforced for everyone in the class, and there will be NO exceptions.

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