Do you think these kinds of programs are effective?

Interaction with your peers and your instructor is an important part of the learning process in this course. In this discussion, we will not only describe and refer to the programs and practices mentioned in this module, we will also evaluate these theories and programs as a community.
What did you think of the prevention program(s) shown in the assigned documentaries, The Interrupters and Colors Straight Up? Do you think these kinds of programs are effective? Why or why not (or in what ways)?
How are the prevention efforts in The Interrupters and the Harlem Children’s Zone similar to early prevention programs like the the Cambridge-Somerville project or the Chicago Area Project (CAP)? Give your thoughts in this post, but for full credit you will need to use your textbook, the film, and class lectures/discussions as evidence to support your claims.
Post and Replies
Your post should demonstrate that you not just watched the documentaries, but studied it (by taking notes as you watch, for example).
Relate practices shown in the documentary to programs discussed in lectures and the textbook.

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