Do you believe the findings are convincing?

Article “The Source of Violent Crime in Atlanta”
• A cover sheet should include your name, class time, and date, and a photograph you took specifically for the assignment which depicts one of the main themes of the article. A clear explanation of why you chose this particular photograph and a desсrіption of how your photograph is related to the main theme of the article (One paragraph on the cover sheet)
Your three page essay (in addition to the cover sheet) should include the following:
• The author’s thesis. Make sure you include what the author claims are the consequences on the individual, community, and the larger society that result from the phenomenon discussed in the article (one strong paragraph).
• A detailed analysis of sociological method(s) the author references in this study. Point out the specific kinds of quantitative and qualitative methods. Do you believe the findings are convincing? (Two paragraphs)
• Discuss how the main themes of this issue might be seen as both an objective social problem and a moral panic depending on demographics (one paragraph).
• Use your Sociological Imagination to explain the ways the article relates to personal experiences you′ve had or seen in your own life. Clearly show how your experiences are related to ideas from the article. Use examples (one paragraph).
• Discuss how dominant cultural narratives and counter narratives might impact possible solutions to this social problem (one paragraph).
• Talk about four other concepts from class lectures that relate to the article. Use examples from the article to how these concepts relate specifically. (Two paragraphs)
• Discuss possible changes to public policy the author of this article might endorse (one good paragraph).
The paper should be a minimum of three full pages in length (with an additional cover page that contains the photo and desсrіption). Use a 12 pt font, 1.5 spacing, and 1″ margins. Use only Calabri or Times New Roman font.

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