Describe the visual image!

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art web site:, and search Female mask (Mmuo), Igbo, Nigeria, Accession # 1978.412.626
Write a short consideration of this object. First provide a well-organized formal analysis (line, shape, form, color, light, composition, etc, whichever best apply). Do not assume that the reader has seen the work. Your analysis should take into account the choices made by the artist—especially through proportioning, positioning, and expressive elements, but also in terms of materials and techniques. In what ways do these choices offer insights into qualities that the artist may have sought to convey? Next, drawing on information provided on the museum’s website, connect the object’s form to its cultural and historical context and function. You may wish to focus on several key features of the object to draw conclusions about its larger significance. Finally, how might your perception of and interaction with the object differ from that of the people who made and/or used it? Your writing should be 700 words minimum. Make your words count. DESCRIBE THE VISUAL IMAGE! More about WHAT YOU SEE than citing history facts, please.

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