Describe how the process/impact/outcome of the intervention was measured.

Class Project: A Health Program Plan
Students enrolled in PHC 274 in fall 2022 will be divided into groups (5-7 students per group).The first section will be designed to gain general information about the intervention program. The second section will be designed to assess the student’s ability to plan an intervention program.The group has 8 points to cover under the main intervention characteristics section. The third section will be designed to assess the group’s ability to provide basic information about the implementation and evaluation process. The three-sections written intervention plan must be completed and submitted to the instructor no later than 11:59 PM on (November 12, 2022).
General program information
Name of the program.
Country and region (if applicable) where the program is based.
Time period (start and end dates).
Funding sources.
Give a short description of the program (maximum of about 250 words).
Main intervention characteristics
Describe the overall aim(s) of the intervention.
List the SMART objectives of the intervention.
Describe the target group(s) of the intervention
Literature review: basing the intervention on current scientific knowledge and/or theoretical models and/or previous experience from other projects?
Describe the needs assessment that has been carried out.
Describe the environmental factors (i.e. factors beyond individual control) that the intervention addresses, if any.
Does the intervention have a special focus on vulnerable groups (socioeconomically disadvantaged people, ethnic minorities, children, elderly people, etc.)? if yes, specify the vulnerable groups.
Describe the involvement of stakeholders in the planning phase of the intervention and specify the stakeholders, including and not limited to: if the target group(s) was/were involved in setting the objectives and designing the intervention.
Indicate the demographic and socioeconomic factors of the target population that have been measured. E.g. age, gender, income/socioeconomic status, education, occupation…etc.

Implementation, Monitoring, and Evaluation
Provide details of the pilot study if a pilot study has been performed.
Describe the activities that have been carried out.
Describe which stakeholders were involved in the implementation and describe their roles.
Describe how the process/impact/outcome of the intervention was measured.
To what extent have the objectives indicated earlier been achieved?
Conclusion and recommendations.

The written report will be assessed for clarity and succinctness in providing the required information using a rubric of 0 (undeveloped/inadequate) to 3 (outstanding/exceptional), as illustrated below:

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