Creating Structured Problem-Solving Models Discussion

1)Creating Structured Problem-Solving Models Discussion
The DMAIC Method can be used for addressing quality issues or implementing process improvements. Let’s talk about how this model uses quality tools to support this method of problem solving. Begin with the Define phase. Which tools should be used and why? Have you used these tools in a project? Then, moving on to the Measure phase: Which quality tools apply to this step in the process?
2)Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA) Discussion
What are some of the requirements to a successful CAPA System? Why?
For this discussion board, pretend you are a Senior Quality Leader in charge of the CAPA Team. They perform investigations, implement solutions and monitor Effectiveness Checks. Of course, your team works closely with the functional organizations to complete their work. One day, a lot of product fails its final testing. You assign the CAPA to one of your top employees. How would you make sure that the CAPA was handled correctly? How would you ensure the problem was fixed for the lot that failed? How would you ensure the Corrective Plan of Action (solution) was sufficient? How would you ensure the problem was prevented in the future and would NOT happen again?

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