Characteristics that classify a market as Perfectly Competitive

There are many distinct characteristics that classify a market as Perfectly Competitive including:
Very large number of firms
Homogenous products
Entry and exit into the market free of barriers
Perfect Information
Individual firms are price takers
Long run economic profits will be zero
Given these characteristics of a perfectly competitive market, select one of the characteristics listed. In your post:
Fully explain what that characteristic means and what its importance is to classifying a market as perfectly competitive.If you have noticed this characteristic in a certain market, explain where you have seen it before or provide your own example.
Would you see the characteristic you are discussing in any of the other three market structures – monopolistic competition, oligopoly or monopoly?Why or why not?
Where appropriate, cite examples from your text or other readings.Rubric says:
Post includes substantial and thoughtful content with appropriate terms and concepts learned in the course utilized. Post addresses fully the topic question.

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