Career as Correction Sergeant and Correction Lieutenant

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A criminal justice system is an essential tool available to the whole society in controlling anti-social behavior. Therefore, it has always been my dream to work in this field. My target goal is one day to work as a correction Sergeant within my five years of experience and later get a promotion to working as a corrections Lieutenant. The primary role I will be playing as a correction sergeant will involve supervising correction officers assigned to the shift and helping the administration.   As a correction Lieutenant, my primary responsibility will involve taking charge of shifts in the prison section. In addition, I will apply the leadership skills taught during the program to promote a practical working environment.

My five year-experience will involve working as a correctional sergeant to supervise and coordinate the assigned correction officers. During this period, I will be in charge of the officer’s discipline and check on the inmates’ welfare. The other significant activity will involve making inspectional tours to ensure that the officers are alert and are performing their work diligently. I will also ensure that the corrections division policies and procedures are correctly completed by offering directions and supervision to the assigned individuals and reporting directly to the correction Lieutenant. Other responsibilities involve ensuring that all the working departments meet the required agency and ACA standards and respond to all prison emergencies.   A correction sergeant’s work requires complete dedication to ensure that the correction officers work to perform their best, and I am more than ready to work in this field.

Getting a promotion from a correction sergeant to a correction Lieutenant is one of my goals to manage the day-to-day activities of prison and attend to all emergencies. I will be playing in this sector will involve assigning duties to the correction Sergeants, offering training,  ensuring discipline is maintained, and making inspections to ensure that the correctional sergeants stay alert and perform diligently in their work. Another primary role that I will be performing once I am given the position involves maintaining the appropriate physical, medical and sanitary conditions of the inmates in prison. For instance, I might mediate disputes in prisons and ensure that inmates have the food, laundry, and laundry. If the superior officer is absent, I will take overall control. Working in an environment with prison inmates and other subordinate staff will require me to offer the best professional expertise for the overall success of the prison environment.

The criminology program has played a massive role in enabling me to learn about particular skills like physical strength and leadership. The whole process has taught me good communication skills that will help me communicate effectively with my colleagues and inmates in prison. I have learned that I should always be confident when giving instructions followed in the prison environment. I have also learned that working in this field requires that a person always be open-minded and have a flexible mentality. This unique skill will allow me to adapt to changes and handle new challenges as they approach. The program has also taught me about the importance of teamwork. Working as a correction sergeant and a correction Lieutenant requires teamwork to get the job done more efficiently and make work enjoyable. The skills offered in criminology have given me the confidence that I will perform my work diligently.

My perspective about the criminal justice system’s role has changed as I only thought their role was to convict criminals. However, the criminal justice system has a vital role in keeping the victims safe across the whole nation. Law enforcement officers protect society by keeping criminals in jail and ensuring that they do not escape. I was also unaware that the criminal justice system provides the inmates’ safety and well-being and ensures that they are safe from harm. However, recent research shows that the system takes care of each individual in prison. For instance, during the covid-19 pandemic, the criminal justice system showed compassion and dignity by ensuring that the inmates were safe and attended to the ill people. The program has taught me that the criminal justice system cares about the welfare of each individual in society.

In criminal justice, to be a good correction sergeant and Lieutenant, I will apply some practices of being assertive and appropriate negotiation skills.   I will ensure that I am assertive by making firm decisions to earn respect from my colleagues and inmates. I will also apply negotiation skills to help intervene and resolve conflicts among inmates. I will portray my ability to show understanding and empathy for the inmates while firmly enforcing the rules and discipline. Implementation of the practices in the criminology program will help in the smooth running of a prison facility.

In summary, working in criminal justice will be a dream come true for me. My main aim is to work as a correction sergeant and later as a correction Lieutenant. During this period, I will serve my country by ensuring the smooth running of the prison department. I will ensure that I apply my supervisory skills by managing officers and inmates with great insight without favoring anyone. As I have been taught in the program, I will ensure that the shifts in a prison run smoothly by ensuring that officers perform their duties with dignity and diligence. I will also ensure inmates follow the rules and meet their needs. I am sure that everything will not always be smooth, but I will do my best.

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