Apple diversity and how they have fewer womens working on their company

The company will be apple
please talk about apple diversity and how they have fewer womens working on their company
Research publicly available information about the organization (for example, SEC filings, reports on the organization’s website, media reports) to determine what goals/objectives it has established for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Determine also what performance metrics the organization reports, if any.
If the organization has defined goals/objectives and performance metrics for DEI, prepare a plan for an assurance engagement on the objectives and performance metrics. The plan should include:
Objective(s) of the assurance engagement.
Audit scope (performance metrics to be audited and time period).
Evaluating criteria.
Audit procedures to be performed.
Some organizations may not publish their DEI goals/objectives and/or performance metrics. If this is true of the organization you selected, you’ll plan an internal audit consulting engagement to assist those charged with governance in developing goals/objectives and metrics. Your plan should include:
Objective(s) of the consulting engagement. This will depend on whether the organization has objectives without metrics, metrics without clear objectives, or neither.
Literature search for relevant benchmarking data (for example from similar organizations).
An engagement approach to develop publicly available goals/objectives and metrics, as applicable.
Group deliverables are:
A Word document that fully answers the case study’s requirements.

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