Answers must so evidence of your understanding of the lm #5 course content.

Prior to completing this discussion board please be sure to read textbook chapters #8-9 and the Learning Module #5. This is a discussion board pertaining to mandating the vaccine for health care employees and how you, as a future HR Manager, might handle this highly controversial topic. Step #1: Watch the below video from CBS Sunday Morning: (Click on the link.) to an external site. to an external site. Step #2: Answer the below questions. Please number your answers. Answers must so evidence of your understanding of the LM #5 course content. After watching the video, what are reasons for hesitancy among people of color for getting the COVID-19 vaccination? As a HR manager for a healthcare organization, how would you influence your employees to get vaccinated or would you provide them with a choice? Explain the reasoning for your answer. Would forcing employees to receive a vaccination be an appropriate reasoning for employees to unionize? If employees are required to receive the vaccination would termination be an option should employees refuse the vaccine? What process would you follow to ensure the termination progress is legal, fair, and documented properly? Name three (3) Denver area healthcare employers who are mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees.

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