Answer the following prompt in a well-developed paragraph.

Answer the following prompt in a well-developed paragraph. Include relevant support for your answer, which may involve integrating an applicable quote (either direct and/or paraphrased) from your textbook assigned readings. This is a “formal” writing, so stay in 3rd person point-of-view (no “I,” no “you,” no “we”). Create a Work Cited for your textbook. Follow Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines for the paper’s formatting. Provide an engaging title to draw the readers’ attention. Proof carefully, referring to the grading rubric provided below. PROMPT: What does a survey of ethical theories (in our search for ethical values) reveal about the nature of ethics as a subject, a major branch of philosophy? Be sure to use some specific examples to illustrate your point. Rubric: Accurate use of English, including careful documentation (ability to paraphrase, use quotations, MLA formatting) and good organizational plan (0-25 points) Adequate details to support paragraph’s topic sentence (0-30 points) Accurate and complete reflection and analysis of material read on which the assignment is based (0-45 points) due by 10:30 tonight

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