Analysis of the the pros and cons of economic nationalism

Your assignment here is to write a short analysis of the the pros and cons of economic nationalism. Make sure that you reference the course concepts we’ve covered thus far (International instituitions, comparative advantage, tariffs and quotas, and trade policies) as well as the concepts raised in the required articles:

Is Biden Fighting the Last War on Trade?

How Economic Nationalism Hurts Nations

If you have time, feel free to discuss the role of the WTO and multilateral trade agreements, the implications of the post-pandemic global economy, and what all of this might mean for your particular business.
A good approach: You can think of this short analysis piece as being written in response to the written part of a job interview for a position that you really want. Your potential new boss has read something that applies to her firm’s activities and wants to get an idea of how well you can analyze relevant information and give her a cogent and well-written analysis that addresses her request to understand the issues raised in the required articles. Note: she is very smart and has a good understanding of global trade (she took this course a few years ago). Feel free to incorporate additional (good) sources to support your analysis.

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